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Steve Cardwell is an Indiana Realtor working with residential buyers and sellers throughout Northwest Indiana. He likes to stay current on the housing market by analyzing real estate trends with a focus on the towns of Highland and Munster Indiana. His broker affiliation is Red Key Realty Leaders in St John, Indiana. Learn more about Steve and visit www.SteveCardwell.com.

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Highland Indiana Real Estate Market Year In Review

It was another rough year for Highland Indiana homeowners who needed to sell. The roller-coaster ride that has been rumbling since 2007 continues to swing both ways. Unfortunately for 2011, that swing has been down. The average home price peaked in the summer of 2010 and has been slowly declining ever since, with a dip in the median price from this time one year ago of $160,000 to the current median... [Read more]

Flood Insurance At Risk In Latest Tea Party Showdown

We are lucky, here in Northwest Indiana, that most of us have property where we are not required to buy flood insurance. As we have written before on this site, some areas that experienced flooding in the past are now less susceptible,  thanks to levee projects and other Federally funded flood controls. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, who determines areas might be in flood danger, has... [Read more]

Ogden Dunes Indiana LymeTicks Put White Tails in Cross Hairs

A spike in Lyme Disease has  put the Indiana lakefront community of Ogden Dunes on  a high level of alert. The infection which is spread by a bite from the Black-Legged Tick, is often referred by the name “deer tick”. Although deer are not the only carriers, they are most widely recognized for spreading the disease.  Lyme disease is a serious bacterial infection and many people are not... [Read more]

Season Finale At Hobart Indiana’s Biggest Tourist Attraction

If you still need a pumpkin for your Halloween display, or have a sudden urge to pick your own apples for that turn-key hand-crafted pie, these are just a few of the activities you can cross off your 2011 bucket list at Hobart Indiana’s famous County Line Orchard. But as the season winds up in a final frenzy of harvest activities, the end is near–at least until next summer–because... [Read more]

CATAWAMPUS! What’s Gone Wrong With The Our Lakefront Homes?

Party Like It’s 2005! That’s to say, party on, if you live on the beach. And you have deep enough pockets to hold on through thick and thin. A few isolated pockets of  Lake County Indiana, and Porter County Indiana must not have gotten the memo that we are in a real estate recession. With all our sophisticated communications devices and 24 hour news, we should all be on the same page on... [Read more]

Real Estate Market Watch Munster Indiana 9/02/11

 Munster Indiana Market Pulse: Munster Indiana home prices experienced a Spring price bump up. But  more recently prices have fallen back near their earlier bottom resistance threshold. Despite the price situation, overall, the market for residential homes in Munster has been strengthening with gradually more homes per week being sold, and the average home still requiring about 6 month to sell. The... [Read more]

Munster Indiana New Retail Shops Open Soon on Calumet Avenue

Panera Bakery Is a Hit! By now most of our readers have probably visited the new Munster Indiana, Panera Bread Bakery Cafe, on Calumet Avenue, at least once. The new retail complex signifies a new renaissance as the old Carpetland store is now just a memory.  Highland Indiana developer Bruce Boyer is wrapping up the second phase of the Munster Shops project with the opening of the new retail mall... [Read more]

Free Music at Highland Indiana Lunch Spot

Potbelly Sandwich Shops Host Local Favorite;  Singer-Songwriter, Hutch Lymon  Connoisseurs of great sandwiches should take note of this free lunchtime treat. Potbelly Sandwich recently selected  noted local guitarist and singer-songwriter,  Dave “Hutch” Lymon to play at their two local stores during lunch hour. Consisting of acoustic interpretations of rock & roll favorites, Hutch... [Read more]

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