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Hidden Dangers After Flood: Check Your Fireplace and HVAC

September 1, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Water Damage Restoration by Rainbow International NWIDamage from rainwater and flooding post-natural disaster can mean wrecked siding, soaked drywall, and carpets made of mud. But less obvious damage may lurk inside your home in fireplaces, furnaces, and appliances.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America has some smart advice for heading off potentially dangerous post-flood damage:

  • Replace gas fireplace logs. Water and small bits of debris can clog valves, and metal parts may rapidly deteriorate after exposure to water, causing gas leaks.
  • Replace fireplace fans and wiring. Electrical connections and water just don’t mix. Don’t take the chance; before you flip the switch, get new parts.
  • Have appliances and heaters professionally inspected. Get a furnace pro or heating-and-cooling specialist to check your heating system and water heater for damage to fans, wiring, gas connections, and burner units.
  • Check the chimney. Call in a certified chimney sweep to do a thorough chimney inspection of your fireplace box and chimney for damage to masonry, mortar, and flue components.

Been through a flood? Got some hard-earned tips about flood cleanup and safety? Let’s hear them!

By: John Riha
Published: July 1, 2011

John Riha is a HouseLogic managing editor. He’s been a residential builder and was the executive editor of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. He’s hand-built a French drain system and notes, “it’s a heck of a lot of digging.”

Visit for more articles like this. Reprinted from HouseLogic with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “Hidden Dangers After Flood: Check Your Fireplace and HVAC”
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