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Federal Reserve Vows to Keep Low Rates Through Mid-2013

August 9, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Mortgage Rates Low Call GVC Mortgage by James BarathThe Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) gathered for the 5th of eight scheduled meeting for 2011.

The biggest announcement since the last FOMC meeting in June, which there have been many, is obviously the downgrade of the US credit rating by Standards & Poor’s over the weekend.

This downgrade has devalued the US dollar and has had immediate impact on stocks worldwide. Combine our domestic woes with the debt crisis in Europe and it is no surprise why stock investors are running scared.

Why should Northwest Indiana and Chicago Illinois home buyers and homeowners even care about the FOMC meetings?

First of all, the FOMC meetings provides a bird’s eye view of what the Federal Reserve believes to be important factors impacting the overall economy.

Second and more importantly, the press release from the FOMC meetings provides guidance to the financial markets on how the Federal Reserve will accomplish their dual mandate to foster maximum employment and price stability.

According to FOMC Statement Press Release from today, the committee had this to say about the economy.

Positive economic factors:

  • Business spending on equipment and software continues to expand
  • Longer-term inflation expectations have remained stable
  • Underlying inflation has moderated from earlier peaks

Negative economic factors:

  • Household spending has flattened
  • Investment in nonresidential structures is still weak
  • Overall labor market conditions deteriorating
  • Housing sector remains depressed

Based on the Federal Reserves interpretation of the economy, the committee voted 7-3 in favor of:

  1. maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 – 0.250%
  2. maintain its existing policy of reinvesting principal payments from its securities holding

The Federal Reserve also elaborated on how long a near zero percent Fed Funds Rate would last.

Committee currently anticipates that economic conditions – including low rates of resource utilization and a subdued outlook for inflation over the medium run – are likely to warrant exceptionally low levels for the federal funds rate at least through mid-2013.

What does all this really mean to Northwest Indiana and Chicago Illinois home buyers and homeowners?

The Federal Reserve is running out of options and tools to foster maximum employment. The economy appears to be heading for another recession despite the best efforts of the US Treasury and Congress.

Even with the US credit downgrade, mortgage bonds are in high demand forcing home loan rates lower. It is hard to forsee how mortgage rates could get any lower based on everything that is happening domestically and worldwide. One hint of good economic news and mortgage rates could reverse course instanteously.

Therefore, home buyers and homeowners in Northwest Indiana and Chicago Illinois should take quick action to capitalize on low home loan rates before they end. Call or text me at 512-522-7284 to discuss your personal situation and your home loan options!

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2 Responses to “Federal Reserve Vows to Keep Low Rates Through Mid-2013”
  1. You are so right, James! Mortgage rates are constantly changing and with rates and home prices this low homebuyers should realize that the right time to buy is now. Why wait and risk a higher loan payment! Seize the moment!

  2. Seize the moment indeed. This recent drop in mortgage rates by 1% on average effectively raised the buying power of homebuyers by 10%. Now is the time to buy the home of your dreams.

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