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Resale Value: Select Appliances Which Fit Your Space

June 24, 2011 by · 6 Comments 

Oversized_Refridg_bySteveCardwellKitchens and bathrooms matter when selling your home. Modern families spend lots of time in the kitchen, preparing meals and sometimes entertaining there. Yet people often make costly mistakes which hurt resale value when they try DIY to make-over their kitchen.

Unsatisfactory Result:

In this example, this Highland Indiana homeowner tried to go-for-the-gusto, buying the biggest refrigerator they could find.

But look how it dominates the entire room. This huge monolith dwarfs the room. It sticks too far into the work space and is out of proportion. It looks like a monument, an obtrusion that you have to squeeze past in order to get to the rest of the kitchen.

Value-Added Result:

CtrDepthFridge2_bySteveCardwellCtrDepthFridge1_bySteveCardwellHad they used a designer, they might have selected a counter-depth unit that provides what they need in cubic feet of cold storage, but also provides a far more pleasing aesthetic and balance to the room.

Compare that approach to these two photos and see what a nice integrated and well proportioned space is created when counter-depth refrigerator is substituted instead. These examples happen to be stainless steel, but they come in all the standard colors. On higher price models you can obtain panels from your cabinet vendor so they match the rest of the cabinets. You do pay slightly more for built-in and counter depth refrigerators. However the look and presentation, the elegance and flow of your kitchen are so complementary, that it will certainly add not just efficiency and flow to the kitchen that YOU use, but it will also be validated when you sell your home to a new owner. Great care should go into preparing your home for sale. Before you list consider the following action plan:

  • Finish repair projects
  • Paint over any highly saturated colors or flawed walls with neutral colors
  • Swap out anything you were planning to take with you
  • Replace  old carpeting if they are musty or smell like pets
  • Trim trees and shrubs so your house has “curb appeal”
  • Abolish all clutter piles and store them off-site

When you are planning on remodeling your home, staging for sale, simply doing a makeover to improve functionality or style, I would be happy to refer you to a kitchen and bath designer who will help you get the most out of your home improvements. My design partners can work with any budget to give your project and your home the best appeal when showing to potential buyers.

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Steve Cardwell

Steve Cardwell is an Indiana Realtor working with residential buyers and sellers throughout Northwest Indiana. He likes to stay current on the housing market by analyzing real estate trends with a focus on the towns of Highland and Munster Indiana. His broker affiliation is Red Key Realty Leaders in St John, Indiana. Learn more about Steve and visit

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6 Responses to “Resale Value: Select Appliances Which Fit Your Space”
  1. This is a great observation about properly sized appliances to showcase your homes interior dimensions, no matter how large or small, to maximize the perception of usable space for potential home buyers. I know from personal experience over the years that nothing makes a small room look smaller than over-sized appliances and furniture.

  2. Nice article, Steve. Many people do not consider resale value when they replace appliances. Their only consideration is how it fits their needs at the moment!

  3. Cathy mattan says:

    Steve great article I recently just had a buyer upset due to the small size space for the refrigerator so both too big and too small can affect the sale!

  4. Jim Sims says:

    This also applies to furniture within bedrooms and other rooms to the house as well. I just showed a home earlier this week with a nice size master suite but was filled with oversized furniture. While buyers can look past this, it makes it harder for them to imagine the room being large enough to accommodate their furniture.

  5. I actually have a small kitchen at my house which I just moved into. The layout is terrible. Just by moving the refrigerator and making a couple small changes in the cabinets will maximize my space. Layout of the kitchen is one of THEE most important design features of a home considering it is one of the most often used spaces. Let’s not forget that the woman has the final say in the home buying process and if she doesn’t like the layout of the kitchen, rest assured there won’t be a sale.

  6. Really I like this post it is very nice post, I have a microwave oven, in manual book written it uses 1250watt. now if i use it for 30 minutes how much electricity it consume? how to calculate its into electric unit?does it depends on anything else/fact? i wana know what would be the electric cost.Thanks for sharing the useful information.

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