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NIPSCO Launches Program for Energy Inefficient Families

April 3, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Reduce Reuse Recycle BulbHave you been one of the unfortunate households in Northwest Indiana to receive your free Home Energy Report from NIPSCO?

I say unfortunate as households who have been selected to receive the free Home Energy Report are those randomly selected by NIPSCO who essentially consume more energy than their comparable neighbors.

This newly launched initiative is part of NIPSCO’s energy saving program to help you save energy and money. The Home Energy Reports will provide you new information on your energy use and will offer easy, personalize tips to help you save.

Try not to take it personally as NIPSCO is trying to do the right thing. Essentially, NIPSCO is opening the eyes of those households who unknowingly or purposefully use more energy than they should.

Here’s the good news for those who did not receive a Home Energy Report. You can still participate and learn how to save even more energy and money by self-enrolling your household. Simply visit their website to create an account and start monitoring your energy savings progress.

Even if you do not want to enroll, you can find energy saving ideas and advice on heating, cooling, lighting, appliances and others. There are energy saving ideas and advice that can be implemented at no cost.

Have you received a NIPSCO Home Energy Report? How would you feel and what would you do if you did?

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2 Responses to “NIPSCO Launches Program for Energy Inefficient Families”
  1. mivideo says:

    When the new rate increase takes effect, it should get people’s attention. Why aren’t the helpful people at NiSource rolling out “smart meters” which encourage people to consume their discretionary energy at off-peak times. By running dryers & dishwashers (not to mention that new electric car we will all be driving soon) during the wee hours instead of at peak times, it makes the entire grid system more efficient. Some parts of Illinois have this; why not here? I love seeing those 160 ft long turbine blades being trucked down the highway. Why aren’t we making them here instead of importing them from Europe?

  2. thomas Davis says:

    I would like to view my bill on line all attempts have failed

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