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5 Tips for Financial Planning for Start Up Entrepreneurs

February 23, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Business People by SamanthaIf you are a budding entrepreneur and are worried about the success of your business, then you should know that there is no sure shot way of success. Financial planning is very important as finance lies at the heart of all businesses.

Some of the things that you can consider while planning your finances for your business are as follows:

  1. Venturing into the business alone: When planning your finances for your business you should be aware that to build your business into a scalable one, you will need to involve other people. It may be true that your firm has needed very little capital to start, but hiring an entry level employee will eat away a huge amount of your profits. Thus it is very important for you to set enough margins in your pricing such that you can bring in other people. If you do not want a situation in which rising debt leads you to seek debt advice, then you must plan in advance for hiring people who can help you with your business.
  2. Not giving enough time to sales: It is very important to build a good product but it is also important to spend time and money on the sales of your product. It is important to keep adequate amounts of funds allotted to sales because if you do not do this, then you will be short of money by the time you are able to get your product into the market.
  3. Taking advice from too many people: You should definitely get inputs from experts. Experienced entrepreneurs who have met with success in their respective businesses are also people you should try and get advice from. It could be any sort of advice related to your business or it could also be debt advice. However, you should keep in mind that if you consider the opinion of too many people, then your decisions may get delayed. Thus it is advisable that you take suggestion or advice from a select advisory board and run the day to day business yourself.
  4. Spending too much on advertising: If you spend too much on advertising, then it surely helps generate a lot of customers. However it is important for you to understand that the money you spend for advertising should turn into lifetime customer value. You can formulate a marketing campaign as per this.
  5. Raising a lot of capital: You must know that over funding can also lead to a problem. Take care to insure that you business is not over funded. This is because such companies become bloated. Valuable resources get wasted and too many people are hired too soon. Very soon your money will run out. It is thus essential for you to save some for bad days even if you have a lot now.

These are a few tips that entrepreneurs starting off with a business can consider, so that success can be achieved. If finances are allocated properly the other aspects automatically come under control.

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