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Your Door to Historic Low Mortgage Rates Is Set to Close

November 22, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

Your Door to Historic Low Mortgage Rates Is Set to Close by jkbarathYou may have heard that home loan rates reached record lows in October of this year. Qualified mortgage professionals have been slammed with emails and phone calls from clients just like you who wanted to take advantage of this wonderful situation ever since.

Over the last week however mortgage rates have started rising again due to a combination of good economic news and the Federal Reserve’s latest Treasury Security purchase plan, more commonly referred to as Quantitative Easing 2.

Mortgage rates have risen 0.250% in the past week. You read that correct…0.250% in the past week alone.

While some people say good things come to those who wait, others say to strike while the iron is hot. In this case, the “iron is still hot” with mortgage rates at exceptionally low levels but you have to act now.

The market conditions that have led to historic low mortgage rates are starting to turn around and quickly I might add. We might never see these historic low mortgage rates again in our lifetime as we must remember the extreme nature of the economic forces that drove home loan rates this low.

The door has been open to historic low mortgage rates for several months. More than ever, it is important to act right now. Take a few minutes and give me a quick call so we can review your situation together. It doesn’t cost you anything for the mortgage review and ultimately you have the final say of moving forward.

Soon the door to historic low mortgage rates will be closed and you will be locked out only to look back and wish you had done something. What better gift to give you and your family than a gift that could significantly improve your cash flow and monthly budget?

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3 Responses to “Your Door to Historic Low Mortgage Rates Is Set to Close”
  1. I hope this move by the Fed generates some NEW real estate buying, and not just re-financing. It troubles me that this activity is a result of government stimulus and debt, rather than organic trends in the economy. But with that said, any indicator that we have reached the bottom and moved on, will hopefully be an indication that the worst is behind us.
    I am curious about one thing: QE2 is supposed to be an incentive for LOWER interest rates. Correct? But we see a bump UP this week instead. Please explain the contra-cycle moves. The cause and effects of government stimulus on the economy are sometimes mysterious to me. Is this unintended consequences? Part of the administration’s Grand Design? Markets doing their own thing despite government tweaking?

  2. Steve – Your inquisitive mind and desire to further understand Quatitative Easing has resulted in an additional blog post. Click on over to the blog post titled What Does the Fed’s Quantitative Easing 2 Mean to You?

    This should answer your specific questions and also provide further insight as to why it is failing. At the end of the day, home buyers have to want to move forward regardless of what the Fed does next.


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