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Top Real Estate Headlines for Week Ending: November 5th

November 5, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Vote Yes 2 Home Ownership by WelcomeHomeNWI.comThe weekend is just a blink away. Before we get lost in our weekend affairs, let’s take a minute to review what the top real estate and mortgage healdines were this week according to the National Association of Realtors.

  • Golder: Stand Up for Home Ownership
    “It’s time to tell the world that home ownership is still the heart of the American Dream,” 2010 NAR President Vicki Cox Golder told a packed ballroom of real estate practitioners in New Orleans.
  • September Pending Home Sales Slip 1.8%
    Tight credit and appraisals coming in below a negotiated price continue to constrain the market, but there appears to be a pent-up demand that eventually will be unleashed as banks resolve their issues with foreclosures.
  • Fed’s Aggressive Policy Sparks Critics
    After the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it intended to buy $600 billion in Treasury securities through June, critics warned of inflation and other unintended results.
  • 30-Year Mortgage Rates Inch Up
    For the third straight week, 30-year mortgage rates continued their upward climb. The average 15-year rate for the week ended Nov. 4 was 3.63 percent.
  • How Election Results Impact Real Estate
    Among other things, 10 of the 12 state attorneys general on the executive committee that have been heading the foreclosure probe lost their re-election bids and won’t be returning to office. What does this mean for real estate?
  • Why Reverse Mortgages Are Popular
    Changes to legislation and the housing market are making this financing option attractive for home owners.
  • You’re Refinancing Again?
    Owners who refinanced just a year ago might be looking to do it again while rates continue to drop.
  • Housing Starts Rise in September
    The U.S. Commerce Department reports that increased spending in commercial projects helped push construction spending up.
  • Consumers Put Credit Card Debt Ahead of Mortgage
    A Mortgage Bankers Association panel discussed the shifting priorities of borrowers who now believe paying down credits cards is more important than paying their home loan.
  • 3 New Anti-Foreclosure Strategies
    Critics of the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program offer fresh proposals to slow foreclosures.
  • Minority Home Ownership Drops Steeper
    While the overall rate of home ownership slipped just 0.7 percent year over year, a much more pronounced slide occurred among the nation’s minorities.

These were the top real estate and mortgage headlines for the week ending November 5, 2010.

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One Response to “Top Real Estate Headlines for Week Ending: November 5th”
  1. This week was full of newsworthy events from the elections to the Federal Reserve. The one big surprise for me was the change in mentality of even prime borrowers to forgo mortgage payments in order to pay credit cards.

    For those homeowners who are on the edge, just remember that a mortgage is a secured debt and credit card is unsecured debt. If push came to shove, unsecured lien holders will negotiate payoff amounts. Secured liend holders on the other hand will just repossess.

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