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How Far Has Google Come to Help Sell Your Home

August 13, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Ever heard of Google? In case you’ve been living in a cave since 1997, here’s The Google Story in 2 minutes.


Did you recognize any features and/or applications that Google has released over the past 10 years? Better yet, do you use any of them? I know I certainly do. So, how can Google help sell your home faster?

Understanding patterns and trends were just the beginning for Google but it also happens to be the start point for every real estate agent. Not understanding real estate cycles and patterns in your local real estate market can lead to lost dollars and much frustration.

Think about it for a second. Why is every home offered for sale start with a comparative marketing analysis (aka CMA) and end with a valuation of property through a licensed appraiser?

The answer is simple. Home sellers and home buyers want to know which direction home prices are trending. This allows home sellers a solid foundation on how to price their home for today’s real estate market. It will also reaffirm the home buyers confidence that they did get a great deal on the purchase of a home today.

Beyond getting a grasp on real estate market trends, did you know that Google can help sell your home faster through it’s vast brand awareness and marketing prowess. It’s true.

How would anyone know that you actually wanted to sell your home if you never marketed your home for sale. They wouldn’t! Consequently, that’s why every Realtor offers to put a home for sale sign in your yard and broadcast that your home is for sale to other Realtors through the mulitple listing service (MLS).

Is this good enough in today’s real estate market? Absolutley not.

The whole premise of using a yard sign and the MLS is to get your home marketed to the largest eligible pool of home buyers. Where better to market your home for sale than on the number one website in terms of web traffic, unique visitors and page views. That’s right! Google.

If you would like to learn more about Google Tools for Real Estate Professionals, by all means buckle up and go for it. Or, you can work with a local Realtor who already knows how Google can help sell your home faster.

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One Response to “How Far Has Google Come to Help Sell Your Home”
  1. Cathy Mattan says:

    Yard signs just do not do it anymore!! Google is a great tool and if your not using it your missing out. Google has so much to offer right now. I love the google voice feature that it has to offer. So many realtors are not willing to change with the times. They say why do I need that.. it is not a matter of need it is a matter of changing techonology!

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