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This Week In Tweets via @jkbarath for 2010-07-03

  • Already a wait to get into the park for tonight's fire works. #nwindiana #Chesterton (@ Indiana Dunes State Park) http://4sq.com/cbCbJX #
  • The Ghana vs. Uruguay shoot out was amazing. Can't believe Ghana didn't win in OT. World Cup 2010 #
  • RT @LTBtweet: First-Time Homebuyer Credit Closing Deadline Extended to Sept 30, 2010 –> Details from IRS –> http://tinyurl.com/2c9xwyk #
  • Where as Ghana dominated 1st half, Uruguay is coming on strong in the 2nd. World Cup 2010 #
  • @ktatgenhorst @geoffhudson Duneland fireworks at dusk; unfortunately, 1500 vehicle capacity. Get their early or will be turned away. in reply to ktatgenhorst #
  • Gooooooooooal! Ghana has their A game on today. World Cup 2010 #
  • Bam! 125,000 jobs lost in June. That's definitely not the kind of fire-works you want to see on 4th of July weekend. #fb #li #
  • Have I said how great the people are at @uptowncafevalpo recently? (@ Uptown Cafe) http://4sq.com/5jRYFM #
  • ROI Network has begun. Care to join us? (@ Regional Federal Credit Union) http://4sq.com/9Gx3Gc #
  • Good morning. It's thriller Thursday. What do you have planned to spice things up today? #fb #li #
  • A short saying oft contains much wisdom. – Fortune Cookie #fb #li #
  • RT @NSBAR: #RETC @Swanepoel is throwing out so many incredible ideas I can't keep up and post. (Where's the live video feed?) #
  • RT @TonyLazz: @tamcdonald: "Just because your audience isn't engaging, doesn't mean they're not listening." #retc #
  • RT @compete: Looking for a fun place to work in #Boston We're hiring. http://ow.ly/25t3Y ( @chadkennedy you asked so check it out) #
  • @SarahStelmok Although you may feel useless, put a smile on your face and you are sure to brighten someone's day. ;^) in reply to SarahStelmok #
  • RT @Swanepoel: Position yourself as an expert of your niche by maximizing all the different social media platforms says @housechick #retc #
  • RT @TonyLazz: #retc need to proactively address clients needs wants and fears via @housechick #
  • Hanging out at Pepe's for the NWI Social Media update, but can't check-in on @foursquare due to iOS4 interface issues. #fail #
  • Is it just me and my iPhone or is everyone having this issue with @foursquare http://twitpic.com/219q5s #
  • RT @johndurso: If U think U missed out on the $8000 Homebuyer Tax Credit….Think again! Prices R dn & rates R even… http://bit.ly/bCX3xD #
  • RT @JakePlanton: reviewed estimate from BofA..lying, cheating bastards! Underestimate, leave out & obfuscate the truth! Must B their motto. #
  • @saan1911 Make sure to eat one of them turkey legs for me at the Taste of Chicago. It's tradition and the heartburn can't be beat. in reply to saan1911 #
  • @tcar I use Evernote for voice and quick note taking that I can access from my desktop. Also use Dropbox and Jotnot like @nik_nik #
  • Always love surprises to start the day. AC unit crashed in our building. Office 90 degrees. Outside 71 and sunny. What do I do? #fb #
  • Good morning. It's two for Tuesday. So double down and parlay your efforts into something great. Any suggestions? #fb #li #
  • @scootersmd Thanks for heads up on Microsoft Exchange for syncing iPhone. Blows the doors off Apple's MobileMe. #
  • RT @KCMcrew: Home Buyers Tax Credit Extension Update http://bit.ly/ahHsJs (Wednesday is it. No extensions. Be prepared!) #
  • RT @MMGtweet: Inflation remains tame for now, according to the Core Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) year-over-year reading of 1.3% #
  • Grabbing my substitute for not having Jai around. (@ Dunkin' Donuts) http://4sq.com/cCqjuD #
  • Good morning. Learn from the past. Look forward to the future. Live for today as it's a present that can only be enjoyed right now. #fb #li #
  • Sample Sunday at Costco is pretty good today according to Jai. Go out and get some. #
  • Got a great start on my farmer's tan as the sun was super hot while attending to my honey-do list. #fb #li #
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