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This Week In Tweets via @jkbarath for 2010-06-26

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  • FYI: Indiana NBC 13 is broadcasting live from the Steak & Shake on US 30 in Merrillville. #nwindiana #
  • Holy crap. Someone and their crotch rocket are getting scraped up off US 30 near Kmart in Merrillville. #nwindiana #
  • @scottloans Passed with flying colors. Should have known the federal test would include a lot of hypothetical and best scenario questions. in reply to scottloans #
  • Sitting out on the patio @valpovelvet enjoying lunch and a beautiful day. Come join me. (@ Valpo Velvet Shoppe) http://4sq.com/aCFk6N #
  • Time to take the SAFE National Mortgage Loan Originator test. Wish me luck. (@ Prometric Test Center) http://4sq.com/cVGSeP #
  • Good morning. It's Friday. The sun is shining. The wind is calm. How we feeling? #fb #li #
  • Taking a break from studying. It's a beautiful day on the patio. (@ Popolano's) http://4sq.com/bzprru #
  • ROI Network is going mobile today. Oh yeah! (@ Terry Abner Salon) http://4sq.com/aYUtYU #
  • RT @ProfessionalOne: RT @jeffpulver: You owe it to yourself to discover your passions and to follow your dreams. (Word!) #
  • Good morning. Still standing even though mother nature tried otherwise. How's everyone this morning? #fb #li #
  • Another crazy storm with tornado watch, flash flood warning and power outage for #nwindiana #
  • RT @KCMcrew: Another Dumb Reason Given Not to Buy a Home http://bit.ly/dl0AHY (If you rent, what do you have to say?) #li #
  • Inmates receive homebuyer tax credit via @InmanNews http://bit.ly/aChwV2 (What else would you expect from encarcerated criminals?) #li #
  • Would have never known 3 hours ago that it would be a thunderous downpour right now. #nwindiana #
  • Man goes hours without noticing gunshot http://lsnlw.com/t/2601847549/ (Don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I would have noticed.) #fb #
  • @babysteph enjoy the show…Harry Connick Jr puts on a great show. in reply to babysteph #
  • In the past couple of days, I've order Pepsi several times and received diet Pepsi instead. What is everyone trying to tell me? #fb #li #
  • Loving the new iOS4 especially the mail merge and folders. #li #
  • The Ultimate Time Management Principle via @KeithFerrazzi http://bit.ly/9pe2FG #li #
  • Good morning. It's two for Tuesday. Let me repeat myself. Good morning. It's two for Tuesday. Let's get it on! #fb #li #
  • Another deserving home buyer closed. Hooray! (@ Indiana Title Network) http://4sq.com/cg6tKe #
  • @RMABlogger ditto for me. Still stuck on week one due to business specific issues…clients first. Plan to get on track this week as well. in reply to RMABlogger #
  • @RMABlogger I have the 3GS. Could upgrade, but plan on waiting for iPhone 4G next summer. I will update to iOS4 later this week in lieu. in reply to RMABlogger #
  • @ValpoVelvet If you know where the watermelon sorbet is served and I know that you do…Jai was hidden by all the adults. lol in reply to ValpoVelvet #
  • Time to kick start my Monday! (@ Dunkin' Donuts) http://4sq.com/cCqjuD #
  • Good morning. Two thumbs up to a great Father's day weekend, but two thumbs down to being Monday already. #fb #li #
  • 80% of folks are still crowded around 20% of goods…iPad goods. (@ Apple Store w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/6GhnXb #
  • Calling this place a zoo would be an understatement. Crazy kid adrenaline on steroids is more like it. http://4sq.com/cTVdY1 #
  • So close…can't help but let Jai enjoy. (@ LegoLand Discovery Center) http://4sq.com/7iGhe6 #
  • Thanks Brickworld 2010 for a memorable fathers day. Jai had a blast. #
  • Jai just told me that we are having a great Lego day today. lol #fb #
  • Jai is going crazy at Brickworld. There are a lot of cool Legos in the house. Some never seen before by Jai. #fb #
  • Brickworld…Jai has arrived and is ready to get his Lego on. (@ Westin Chicago North Shore w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/bP308n #
  • Happy Father's Day to all the hard working dads. #fb #li #
  • Should have known that a surprise night out with the wife would involve the casino. lol (@ Ameristar Casino) http://4sq.com/a6gYlx #
  • Jai and I are back @valpovelvet for lunch. Can you see him? http://twitpic.com/1y7slm #
  • Class reunion picnic can officially begin now that the @valpovelvet ice cream is here. (@ Friendship Land Park) http://4sq.com/cBW6cZ #
  • Jai just got a free scoop of watermelon sorbet @ValpoVelvet & then proclaimed his love for Cathy Brown Brown http://twitpic.com/1y63wv #
  • Picking up the goods @valpovelvet but Jai keeps asking for watermelon sorbet. (@ Valpo Velvet Shoppe) http://4sq.com/aCFk6N #
  • Jai and I are on our way to pick up a tub of @valpovelvet ice cream for our class reunion picnic. Yeah! #fb #
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