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This Week In Tweets via @jkbarath for 2010-06-19

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  • @Adambuckled isn't it a sin to be watching the other team? #howdareyou in reply to Adambuckled #
  • Power outage at home. Extra busy here tonight. (@ Tao Chen's) http://4sq.com/8ZEkXQ #
  • @RMABlogger I do have iPhone and ATT "Mark the Spot" app. That's how ATT contacted me. Wait and see for results. #
  • Received text msg from ATT in response to dropped calls in Chesterton. ATT replied new cell site in the next 60-90 days. #nwindiana #
  • Getting ready to treat @catjmat to a Happy Birthday lunch. Come join us. (@ Popolano's) http://4sq.com/bzprru #
  • RT @krisstinawise: Calling #Austin 1st-time homebuyers –>HGTV is bringing 'My First Place' to ATX. Apply –> http://glt.bz/pv_19 #
  • 24 days to have home appraisal corrected for typographical errors. Thanks HVCC! What happens if buyer loses $8k tax credit? #justaskin #
  • Number 1 is not all that. Just ask Nevada as they hold highest foreclosure rate and now highest unemployment. http://bit.ly/bsFIHS #
  • @jpapapnp Got it. WIll check it out. in reply to jpapapnp #
  • @jpapapnp Send iOS4 my way. How did you get it before the launch? in reply to jpapapnp #
  • @catjmat Happy __th Birthday! Will let you fill in the blank. #
  • USA Score. 2-2. Awesome goal! World Cup 2010 #
  • Comcast Customer Appreciation Days http://bit.ly/cOCv7H (How about just giving us a break on our cable bills?) #
  • National Creditors Connection Establishes New Short Sales Desk http://ow.ly/20ioJ (Who thinks this will actually help?) #
  • Now that hockey and basketball is over, it's time to cheer on Team USA in World Cup Soccer 2010! #fb #li #
  • Way to go Lakers and congrats to Ron Artest for carrying and willing his team to victory! #
  • Just give the ball to Artest as he still wants to win a championship. He is the only one who deserves it. #
  • @canadamortgage they say defense wins championships, but I don't think they would consider this great defense. What say you Wayne? in reply to canadamortgage #
  • It's obvious that Artest is the best Laker tonight. He seems to be the only one who wants to win for LA. Where's Kobe? #
  • @JWean Curious to know how much Feinberg has made from 9/11 Comp Fund, executive pay-czar and will make as BP tar-czar? in reply to JWean #
  • Gulf Oil Spill Victims Should 'File a Claim as Soon as Possible:' Ken Feinberg, Head of $20 Billion Fund (Aren't we all victims?) #
  • Quick Tips: What Was Your Name Again? – Tips for Improving Memory http://bit.ly/cWxxjb #li #
  • Those Who Walk Away Could Be Penalized http://bit.ly/aQwYnK via @KCMcrew (Think Twice about a Strategic Default) #li #
  • Feds target 484 mortgage fraudsters – CNNMoney Jun. 17, 2010 http://ow.ly/1ZT5b #
  • Sprint’s Bold Evo Phone Fades a Bit in the Details – NY Times http://nyti.ms/9z5swl (That's ok with me. I have an iPhone!) #
  • Not running on Dunkin yet, but will be shortly. (@ Dunkin' Donuts) http://4sq.com/cCqjuD #
  • Good morning. Don't believe me? Just look in the mirror and say it's going to be all good today. #fb #li #
  • @BooleanBlackBlt malware captured your login and embedded the script in your source code. Get spybot, let it purge & change password. in reply to BooleanBlackBlt #
  • @IndyGuest FYI: your account has been hijacked and you've officially sent your followers spam. #
  • RT @CNNMoney 75% of Modified Home Loans Will Redefault – Jun. 16, 2010 http://bit.ly/bSxJy1 (Who's surprised?) #li #
  • @HomePartner MIA or self-inflicted gag order? Either way, glad to see you're back from your social network black hole. in reply to HomePartner #
  • RT @KCMcrew: 5 Dumbest Reasons Given for Not Buying a Home http://bit.ly/aXP3Ab (Real estate is no longer a good investment is #1 myth) #li #
  • @mortgageporter Unfortunately, don't have a large enough megaphone to be heard through all the bureaucracy. Do let me know, when you get it. in reply to mortgageporter #
  • @JohnLoanGuy Trying to get by with a little help from my friends. My sanity is really being tested with appraisal management companies. in reply to JohnLoanGuy #
  • RT @mortgageporter: Refinancing Guidelines Need to Loosen Up for Housing Recovery – http://eepurl.com/DaUB (Don't think they heard you) #
  • @JohnLoanGuy Good morning John. What's new in Frisco today? in reply to JohnLoanGuy #
  • Fannie and Freddie Announce Delisting From NYSE – CNBC http://ow.ly/1Zclk (How did this news quietly come and go?) #
  • Checking in early for the benefit of my mortgage clients because I care. (@ Benchmark Mortgage) http://4sq.com/aDfVFm #
  • Time for #nwitweetup so let's try to have fun. (@ Gaucho's Brazilian Steakhouse w/ @emc440 @ktatgenhorst) http://4sq.com/8Y1aZ5 #
  • I used #Shazam to discover Magic by B.o.B Feat. Rivers Cuomo http://shz.am/t52282184 #
  • Fremont Exits Chapter 11 Under Court-Approved Reorganization Plan http://bit.ly/dy8GO1 (Is subprime lending making a comeback?) #
  • RT @mortgagereports: RT @mortgageporter: receiving intraday mortgage rate sheet with pricing for the worse from one lender we work with. #
  • RT @JakePlanton: Trying to get the new iPhone? I just booked two on the Apple Store app…on the first try. (Nice! Waiting for 4G) #
  • Is a housing shortage coming? CNNMoney – http://bit.ly/aDuI7k (Even if it does happen, loan availability will be the hold up not building.) #
  • RT @ProfessionalOne: …empty handed. Hey, Starbucks, you need a COFFEE ONLY LINE! Wake up…I got things to do! (can u say Dunkin Donuts) #
  • The Power of Positive Interactions via @KeithFerrazzi http://bit.ly/aIwTBG #fb #li #
  • Good morning all. #fb #li #
  • Jai just told me I'm late and that I was to pick him up 9 hours ago. (@ Wee Care Child Development Ctr) http://4sq.com/cynu84 #
  • @SarahStelmok If I offered you an ezine, would you feel any different or are you adamant about "no stinkin magazines." hehe in reply to SarahStelmok #
  • Ginnie Mae Aligns Manufactured Home MBS Program with FHA Changes « HousingWire http://ow.ly/1YrKt (Could it be true?) #
  • MLS Revenue Sharing Program Launched by CoreLogic http://bit.ly/bZeRQ6 (Will homeowners get a piece of the revenue as well?) #
  • Housing Double Dip in Second Half: Analysts – CNBC http://ow.ly/1YoP5 (Tell us something new) #
  • @mattdollinger Since I have your ear, what do you think of MLS Revenue Sharing Program? http://bit.ly/bZeRQ6 in reply to mattdollinger #
  • Appraisal Management Companies should have to wait to get paid until all work is completed satisfactory to underwriter review. #justsayin #
  • @mattdollinger I wasn't talking about adding @homepartner to anyone's team. She's been teasing us about a new edition to her team. in reply to mattdollinger #
  • @mattdollinger @tamcdonald I've seen and heard stranger things. Can never count anything out in this market. Let's hear it @homepartner haha in reply to mattdollinger #
  • @emc440 You're kidding? Michelle must have your phone today. lol in reply to emc440 #
  • @tamcdonald I thought @homepartner was going to announce you as the newest member of her real estate team. #
  • Hate the artificial cheese, but the fake beef is mighty tasty. (@ Taco Bell) http://4sq.com/amzAZQ #
  • Extension of Tax Credit Closing Deadline in the Works http://ow.ly/1YiQQ (The never ending government handout!) #
  • Don't Be Fooled By Drop in Foreclosure Numbers – Realty Check by Diana Olick http://bit.ly/d0mSU5 (Filings down, but now it's time to repo!) #
  • I used #Shazam to discover Billionaire by Travie Mccoy Feat. Bruno Mars http://www.shazam.com/music/web/track?id=51946868 #
  • @HomePartner Is the newest team member @tamcdonald @sbonert @mattdollinger or someone completely out of left field? in reply to HomePartner #
  • @reigniteromance When I said to head East, I meant to Chesterton. haha Enjoy your summer and make sure to share your adventures. in reply to reigniteromance #
  • @artbystevej May the magic of your brush translate into a vision of inspiration. Happy Birthday! #
  • @reigniteromance Hey beautiful. Long time no chat. You know there's a whole new world outside of Lowell. lol #
  • "Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there." – Will Rogers (So what are we waiting for?) #rma #
  • Because it's Monday. (@ Dunkin' Donuts) http://4sq.com/cCqjuD #
  • Need graduation cards, but Jai is only interested in fish cards. (@ Kmart) http://4sq.com/abgGxO #
  • @jonathanwthomas who are you going to cheer? in reply to jonathanwthomas #
  • RT @ripsup: Have to hit the bank then time to watch USA give England Bloody Hell!!! GO USA!!!! 🙂 (ditto) #
  • RT @corrinrenee: crafts always seem like such a good idea until i f-bomb something up. (that's how I feel about cooking. lol) #
  • I wonder if it's okay to boil the hot dogs in the same pot with the macaroni and cheese. Just trying to save time. #fb #
  • Jai and I are starving. Why oh why does it take so long for macaroni and cheese to cook? #fb #
  • Why won't my GPS give me the best route to make my get away from multiple graduation open houses today? #fb #li #
  • RT @Chris_Hedges: Let it storm! (Or at least rain to break the heat). #nwindiana #
  • RT @rewebcoach: 4 tips to make your blog reader friendly. Add a photo, add bullets, add sub headlines, & write bite-sized paragraphs. #
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