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This Week In Tweets via @myCMPS for 2010-05-15

  • Special His Holiness #followfriday @dalailama @coachlee @bradenslen @valpolife @cartronix @natfinn @emc440 @fulcrum51 @ktatgenhorst #ff #
  • I need something to drink. Who’s with me? (@ Uptown Cafe) http://4sq.com/5jRYFM #
  • Long day on the road to see His Holiness deserves a treat from @valpovelvet (@ Valpo Velvet Shoppe) http://4sq.com/aCFk6N #
  • Grabbing a stimulating meal w/ @ktatgenhorst (@ Hooters) http://4sq.com/4Es5AF #
  • 1st live audience question included the impact of technology, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks on his message. #dalailama #
  • I’m sure everyone knows this. In case you didn’t. “Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.” – Dalai Lama #dalailama #fb #li #
  • “A happy life is built from friendship of trust, compassion and affection.” – Dalai Lama #dalailama #fb #li #
  • “A mother’s love is inherent with all of us at birth. Common experience we all can grow and learn from.” – Dalai Lama #dalailama #fb #li #
  • “Maximum affection at a young age leads to great happiness.” – Dalai Lama (Who agrees?) #dalailama #fb #li #
  • Can you feel the singular focus & energy of just one man? #dalailama http://twitpic.com/1noupf #
  • “We have to fight to achieve a happy life!” – Dalai Lama #dalailama #
  • Listening to the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. (@ Conseco Fieldhouse w/ 18 others) http://4sq.com/5HQDoj #
  • @cinnamonbunny en route to Indy to hear him speak. #dalailama in reply to cinnamonbunny #
  • Good morning all. It’s His Holiness Friday and I’m super excited to be up early. What has you excited today? #dalailama #fb #li #
  • @emc440 That dish is always good. But it tastes best when brought to you right off the wok. How do you like the smoke on the chicken? in reply to emc440 #
  • @emc440 his name is Phuong. Make sure to tip him right. He is a straight up Vietnamese gangster. That’s not a joke. in reply to emc440 #
  • @emc440 make sure to order Pho or Com Suon Bu Trung or Com Ga xao dau Hoa Lan or Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio. It’s all good. in reply to emc440 #
  • @drewmeyers Packing lite I see. Where you heading? Can @sarabonert and I come along as we both desperately need a real estate break too? in reply to drewmeyers #
  • @vldurkin You’re just plain rotten. Rubbing it in my nose as you roam around Pepsiville. haha in reply to vldurkin #
  • @ItsToni I hope you took advantage of 50% off the entire menu today @evelynbaycoffee. If not, you still have time. in reply to ItsToni #
  • @ItsToni Congrats on the big sponsorship. Does this mean that you don’t have to be so frugal? in reply to ItsToni #
  • @vldurkin Come on now. I know they serve Pepsi only products. What’s a mortgage guy have to do to get one Pepsi? in reply to vldurkin #
  • @vldurkin I know they serve Pepsi there. I asked nicely. in reply to vldurkin #
  • @vldurkin Can you grab me some Sweet Tea as I know they don’t serve Pepsi? in reply to vldurkin #
  • @FoodieMamaNWI Jai would except only if the cookies resembled Legos. He might even call say “I love you” if it was a pirate Lego. lol in reply to FoodieMamaNWI #
  • RT @KCMcrew: Who Cares What The Purchase Price Is… WILL IT APPRAISE? http://bit.ly/8X8GVH (Laissez-Faire Please) #
  • @vldurkin “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” – Henry Ford in reply to vldurkin #
  • @FoodieMamaNWI You could always buy a home in my neck of Chesterton…I promise not to bug you. Although my son my stop by for Legos. in reply to FoodieMamaNWI #
  • @vldurkin When is your #geocache extravaganza store going to open? Curious to see what kind of #geocache treasures will be for sale. #
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages Dominate Among Refinancing Borrowers http://ow.ly/1KO0N (Certainty prevails in tumultuous times) #
  • Senate votes to end liar loan mortgages – CNNMoney http://ow.ly/1KNTP (Good or Bad? Go ask the self-employed and let me know.) #
  • Come and enjoy $0.70 single dip today @valpovelvet. (@ Valpo Velvet Shoppe) http://4sq.com/aCFk6N #
  • Who else will be in Indy to see the @DalaiLama speak tomorrow at Conseco Field House? #li #
  • Special thanks to @uptowncafevalpo for allowing me to educate home buyers on their finance options with a nice cup of macchiato. #
  • To all the single ladies: Although I’m married, I’m still available to assess your home loan options. Just call me 707-722-7284. #fb #li #
  • Have home finance questions? Stop by @uptowncafevalpo and ask me. Will be here until noon. #
  • If you have any home finance questions, stop by and ask. Will be here for the next hour. (@ Uptown Cafe) http://4sq.com/5jRYFM #
  • Let the referrals begin. Full house at ROI Network. (@ Regional Federal Credit Union) http://4sq.com/9Gx3Gc #
  • 50% OFF everything today. Stop and buy. Thanks @evelynbaycoffee (@ Evelyn Bay Coffee) http://4sq.com/5y3J9G #
  • Good morning all. If you’re ready to make it a great day, just reply “Hell Yeah!” #fb #li #
  • Napoleon Hill World Learning Center FREE Workshops, May 10th -12th. This year’s theme: Maintenance of Sound Health http://bit.ly/a0Z8td #
  • @StielyDan Japonais on the river or Evergreen in Chinatown. If you go to either, please bring me some. in reply to StielyDan #
  • @bulkmail4u Hey Donna. Just heard about the “Unsung Hero” award you earned at the R.O.S.E. Luncheon from The Indiana Dunes. Congratulations! #
  • @Ruthless676 I thought it was just @vldurkin who was set on ousting me from every venue…now I know better. The drama. in reply to Ruthless676 #
  • Time to take a food break while talking real estate w/ local market expert. (@ Quaker Steak & Lube) http://4sq.com/cip7v2 #
  • Seeking out like minded Realtors…no doughnuts involved. (@ Prudential Executive Group) http://4sq.com/arx1eu #
  • Seeking Realtors who have a desire to turn up their online presence. (@ RE/MAX 10 First Choice) http://4sq.com/aDeUM2 #
  • @saquiresearch When she is done helping you, could you ask her to give me a call. I could use all the help I can get. #staples in reply to saquiresearch #
  • @saquiresearch How many times did they mention “WOW! That’s a low price.” #Staples in reply to saquiresearch #
  • Today’s Blog: Top 100 Places to Live in 2010 per Relocate America http://bit.ly/cGflIX #trerblog #li #
  • Putting knowledge to use is tricky part of the equation via @coachlee http://ow.ly/1K8x1 #
  • Power breakfast with David of Hiestand Law. Any estate planning questions? (@ Round The Clock) http://4sq.com/atL361 #
  • @ItsToni In my opinion it should be the official theme song for Wednesdays. (Exception: Doin’ da Butt for Ash Wednesday) in reply to ItsToni #
  • Good morning all. It’s Wednesday. Whose ready to do the humpty hump?#fb #li #
  • Time to walk a special Labyrinth created by Uriel “Chino” Martinez. (@ Napolean Hill World Learning Center) http://4sq.com/9ub35c #
  • Just missed @saan1911 but I did get to say hi to the sick @iamfiction. Want to make her feel better? Go have $1 tacos w/ her at Martinis. #
  • I’m here for some coffee awesomeness! (@ Uptown Cafe) http://4sq.com/5jRYFM #
  • Special thanks to Doug @cartronix for the 5th FREE bluetooth headset courtesy of @emc440. Need mobile phone service, call them. #fb #li #
  • RT @EvelynBayCoffee: Afternoon Tasting at Evelyn Bay has begun! From 2-5pm stop in and sample coffee, smoothies, soda and much more! #
  • Napoleon Hill World Learning Center FREE Workshops, May 10th -12th. This year’s theme: Maintenance of Sound Health http://bit.ly/a0Z8td #
  • RT @WillEnglishIV: Join me at “Vertigo Tweetup” on May 11th. RSVP at http://bit.ly/b661kv #VertigoTweetup #twvt (If only I could) #
  • Today’s Blog: Shopping For Mortgage Rates – Are You Feeling Lucky? http://bit.ly/cdzn4A #trerblog #li #
  • Want New Clients? Try This « Keith Ferrazzi http://bit.ly/c38KiF #
  • Shouldn’t we be sleeping right now? #fb #li #
  • RT @KCMcrew: Why is Pricing a Home So Difficult? http://bit.ly/cBdqsi (I blame it on emotions. Nonetheless, that’s why they need you.) #
  • YOU Magazine – Shedding Winter Weight the Smart Way according to Dr. Paul Drew (host of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab) http://ow.ly/1J729 #
  • Release…Illumination…Union! (@ Jubilee Labyrinth) http://4sq.com/cz7r98 #
  • YOU Magazine – Simple Truths: Do You Walk the Talk? http://ow.ly/1J76d #
  • There is no mistaking the gold dome above the treetops. (@ The University of Notre Dame) http://4sq.com/bTf4nx #
  • YOU Magazine – Live It, Love It, Earn It: A Her and His Book for Enhancing Finances http://ow.ly/1J7bA (A Woman’s Guide Indeed) #
  • YOU Magazine – Cash for Clunker Appliances by Jim Ostroff, Kiplinger.com http://ow.ly/1J7hg (Can and will you take Uncle Sam’s $$$?) #
  • @tamcdonald You’re welcome. Let me know how I can help your next home buyer in Chicago or the burbs. in reply to tamcdonald #
  • YOU Magazine – Create Your Own Buyer Stimulus Package: Great Home Buyer Opportunities Despite Government Program Endings http://ow.ly/1J6UO #
  • Today’s Blog: What’s Ahead for Mortgage Rates This Week: May 10th http://bit.ly/bgHayy #trerblog #li #
  • @grossbauer I see Mary Markovich on your twitter background, but I don’t see her on Meet the Team on your site. What gives? #
  • @iamfiction Just thought I would let you know that @foodiemamanwi is the ring leader of the job board. Ciao bella! in reply to iamfiction #
  • @saan1911 @iamfiction Did you hear that @grossbauer is hiring 2 individuals for #design and #webdev You could reunite like the old days. #
  • @AndreaRealtor If you’re watching SNL where Betty White is the host, be prepared to laugh…a lot. Best complete show in years. #snl #Hulu in reply to AndreaRealtor #
  • Napoleon Hill World Learning Center FREE Workshops, May 10th -12th. This year’s theme: Maintenance of Sound Health http://bit.ly/a0Z8td #
  • Good morning all. Don’t let the bright light fool you. It’s cold out there. Any ideas in how to heat it up? #fb #li #
  • @Adambuckled just think of it as an early birthday gift you won’t forget until the next Cubs game. Go Betty White! #snl in reply to Adambuckled #
  • Did SNL really just do a skit that had Betty White say “Happy Mother’s Day Mother F¥€kers!” SNL is super edgy and funny tonight. #fb #li #
  • “Wizard of ASS!” – Betty White (Do I need to say anything more?) #snl #fb #li #
  • REALLY!?! So true, so sad, but so damn funny. haha #snl #fb #li #
  • RT @Tojosan: RT @jimmilles: The Twitterverse is united tonight in love of Betty White. #SNL /via @blm03 (can’t argue with funny) #
  • I just want to put this out there. Betty White is so hilarious on #snl #fb #li #
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