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This Week In Tweets via @myCMPS for 2010-05-08

  • Spicy mapo tofu with shrimp and lobster in garlic sauce. Let the drool begin. (@ Tao Chen’s) http://4sq.com/8ZEkXQ #
  • Special thanks to @vldurkin @parrotheaddad5 @bradenslen @emc440 @coachlee @cartronix @goldentech for #followfriday love. Feeling’s mutual. #
  • @vldurkin How is it that you always conveniently read my tweet when it’s to late? I think you are just toying with my Pepsi fixation. in reply to vldurkin #
  • @vldurkin I know they serve Pepsi at KFC, so one Pepsi for me. Not asking. I’m telling. in reply to vldurkin #
  • @vldurkin Since they don’t have Pepsi at McDonald’s, how about root beer? Please. in reply to vldurkin #
  • The architect of your destiny is yourself. – Fortune Cookie #
  • @sbonert that sounds like it falls in line with registered sex offenders…that’s a police issue. in reply to sbonert #
  • So much fun waiting in the disgruntled line. (@ Porter County Treasurer) http://4sq.com/9IkmmJ #
  • RT @KCMcrew: The Highest Value of a House is a Home http://bit.ly/a87Yuf (It’s not always about appreciation) #
  • @emc440 Who said you have to quit. You can simply abstain. in reply to emc440 #
  • Good morning all. Even if the weather doesn’t agree, let’s make it a great day. It is Friday. #fb #li #
  • Can you say a large The Works for only $10.70? Yes I can. (@ Papa Johns) http://4sq.com/aP8Won #
  • @justsaycheeseit maybe you should ask PETA about the veg thing. Otherwise, have at it and just go crazy. in reply to justsaycheeseit #
  • @vldurkin you’re great at being near my office when I’m not around. I just left as I couldn’t wait for that Pepsi any longer. lol in reply to vldurkin #
  • Never underestimate power of geo-political pandemonium on US financial & mortgage markets. Bad for DOW. Good for rate shoppers. #
  • Time for Power Lunch with @coachlee. (@ Tao Chen’s) http://4sq.com/8ZEkXQ #
  • Oh snap! Waiting for @iamfiction and @saan1911. Where’s @lipcharmer? (@ Uptown Cafe) http://4sq.com/5jRYFM #
  • @tneliton Travis…I guess you’re right. I still need a little humor in my life when they do decide to wake up. in reply to tneliton #
  • It’s ROI Network time. Let the referrals begin. (@ Regional Federal Credit Union) http://4sq.com/9Gx3Gc #
  • Good morning all. Any humorous stories to share from your Cinco de Mayo gala? #fb #li #
  • Cinco de Mayo fiesta provided by El Saltos to welcome Lori M. (@ Ticor Title) http://4sq.com/aAu9Zn #
  • @AliceTChan Chasing the real estate market up or down is just as common as consumers chasing mortgage rates. Some folks don’t get it. in reply to AliceTChan #
  • @wonderwoman02 (aka Mrs Mario Brothers) make sure to share the recipe as I am usually relegated to the TGIF bottle. in reply to wonderwoman02 #
  • Need pesos for celebratory drinks later. Anyone else? (@ Chase Bank) http://4sq.com/9q3E8X #
  • RT @BaoMouth: Today is secret word Weds. Visit facebook.com/hotasianbuns, learn the word and repeat it at any Wow Bao for a free bao. #
  • @cinnamonbunny it appears that you’ve made a new friend in @hudsoncoffee at your old thumping ground. Kudos! #
  • Good morning all. In celebration of my Hispanic roots, Feliz Cinco de Mayo! How will you celebrate? #fb #li #
  • Dance…Love…Sing…Live – Souza (@ Napolean Hill World Learning Center) http://4sq.com/9ub35c #
  • Pending home sales at 5-month high | Reuters http://ow.ly/1GZ9a (Knock on wood that they all close as folks did “rush” into contracts) #
  • Mortgage rates have been like a yo-yo recently. If you want to know the why behind how interests rates move, watch this. http://ow.ly/1GQXJ #
  • @rginvalpo Kim is located on Burlington Beach Road. Call her and ask. in reply to rginvalpo #
  • @rginvalpo Give my girl Kim McClain a call at The Wellness Center. She has magical hands and healing powers. 219-477-4037 #
  • Good morning all. When you look in the mirror, just remind yourself that you are the only one who can stop you! #fb #li #
  • @emc440 maybe you and your dad should swap your AT&T franchises for one Apple store. That would be crazy good. in reply to emc440 #
  • @vldurkin weren’t you just down the street…or should I say that’s where you claimed to be. Thanks for letting me get all dehydrated. in reply to vldurkin #
  • I have to admit that the biscuits at Red Lobster ROCK! #
  • @emc440 how is it that Radio Shack has the iPhone 3GS, but an authorized AT&T store doesn’t? #
  • Realtors – Are you frustrated with sellers who say they will pass out your business card? If so, I have a solution. Just ask me. #
  • @vldurkin While you’re there, can you grab me a Pepsi please? in reply to vldurkin #
  • @vldurkin Don’t be sorry. It’s been more than 20 years and she is better off. Simply appreciate those you have now. in reply to vldurkin #
  • Send a card to Mom and help fight cancer – ACS http://ow.ly/1GtjT (If only I still could!) #
  • RT @realtormag: Ready for #nardigras http://yfrog.com/iychskvj (Just might have to plan for this one.) #
  • @LakeNetNWI Common myth is that a Labyrinth is a maze. A maze has choices…the Labyrinth does not. Learn more at http://bit.ly/dnoFYN in reply to LakeNetNWI #
  • That was awesome. I challenge everyone to walk your own personal Labryinth once. #
  • It’s not a maze. (@ Labryinth – Valparaiso University) http://4sq.com/bmr7K5 #
  • Minorities Targeted for Risky Loans http://ow.ly/1GlEn (Wonder what the study would say about car loans & payday loans!) #
  • The best outdoor jobs to tackle now – May. 3, 2010 http://ow.ly/1Gly5 (In real estate, curb appeal can make the difference) #
  • RT @KCMcrew: No Tax Credit. How Will You Wind Up? http://bit.ly/9Wf0GJ (It’s still a great time to buy!) #
  • MMG Weekly: They say “the only constant is change,” yet last week’s meeting… http://ow.ly/1Gjnj #
  • @vldurkin If you want to know more about the yummy secrets of the Orient, follow @BaoMouth or learn more at http://bit.ly/blEWpL in reply to vldurkin #
  • Coffee in hand. Ready to help you with your mortgage and financial questions. Ask away. (@ Benchmark Mortgage) http://4sq.com/aDfVFm #
  • @vldurkin Get your mind out of the gutter girl. @ripsup @saan1911 and I were talking about @Baomouth at El Saltos! hehe #
  • Good morning all. The sun is shining and awakens you to a new day. What will you do to make it a great day? #fb #li #
  • @Leslie_A that’s what we keep telling my wife, but she has a different opinion. An opinion that I can’t repeat here. lol in reply to Leslie_A #
  • Jai and I are enjoying a little afternoon snack (strawberry sorbet with bananas). Is that so wrong? #fb #
  • Jai and I are now enjoying calm and serenity of the outdoor. Come join us if you dare. (@ Dogwood Park) http://4sq.com/d5vtO7 #
  • @emc440 If you’re shopping at Kohls, you’ve been officially domesticated. lol in reply to emc440 #
  • Die Hard Cubs Fans…this is your store. (@ Cubs clubhouse) http://4sq.com/aw9mbW #
  • Iced coffee and Beastie Boys remix. Sweet! (@ Starbucks) http://4sq.com/9PDmQ2 #
  • Jai’s obsession with Legos is only matched by his obsession for Jibbitzs. (@ CROCS- WOODFIELD) http://4sq.com/96ZFqA #
  • @mattdollinger did you just call 97% of the workforce morons? Nevermind…you said ixymoron. haha in reply to mattdollinger #
  • On drive to Schaumburg from Orland Park, passed an auto store that sold Kia, Ford and Porsche. Is it just me or is that a wierd combo? #
  • @bulkmail4u I’ve heard great things about Chicago Street Theatre; unfortunately, neither my wife nor Jai is into that yet. in reply to bulkmail4u #
  • @emc440 Jai and I are at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. I think I even spot a Cubs store here. It’s crazy nice here. in reply to emc440 #
  • All I have to say is that Woodfield Mall is awesome. #
  • Take a look at the size of this Apple Store. It’s 3x’s the size of Orland Park. http://twitpic.com/1k3ic2 #
  • Wow! This store is massive. (@ Apple Store w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/6GhnXb #
  • Guess what Jai is watching in 4D? http://twitpic.com/1k345o #
  • @LipCharmer aren’t you a little young to be attending a SENIORS dance? haha in reply to LipCharmer #
  • Forget geocache. Jai is on his own treasure hunt for Legos! (@ LEGO Discovery Center) http://4sq.com/d72kCx #
  • Although Jai is naturally caffeinated, I am not. (@ Starbucks – Willowbrook) http://4sq.com/5GqnsE #
  • Everyone is still checking out the iPad, but Jai always goes for the 24″ mac with Lego Batman game. (@ Apple Store Orland Square) #
  • Although Jai loves Target, he loves the Lego Store the most. (@ Lego Store) http://4sq.com/aW8G7z #
  • Jai is getting his pirate on! (@ Long John Silvers) http://4sq.com/9sxqSW #
  • @vldurkin Jai and I are here at the European Market but we don’t see you. #
  • Jai always wants to kick the soccer ball with the big kids. (@ Dogwood Park) http://4sq.com/d5vtO7 #
  • @caskew327 Either the Inflatable place in Westfield Mall or at most outdoor rental places that rent out the tents. in reply to caskew327 #
  • Where is everyone and what is everyone up to on this beautiful day? #fb #li #
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