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This Week In Tweets via @myCMPS for 2010-05-01

  • @kristypage since I’m not in attendance, I guess it’s safe to assume that I’m not included in the grillin’ friend list. Oh man! in reply to kristypage #
  • @chikquintans It seemed as if the Realtors here took a collective exhale and shut down. How was your Friday? in reply to chikquintans #
  • Congratulations to all the home buyers who took advantage of our tax dollars in the form of the $8,000 tax credit. Whose with me? #
  • @vldurkin If you hide some Lego mini figures, I guarantee Jai will find them. Tomorrow’s your big day, so go BIG or go geocache. in reply to vldurkin #
  • @IndianaBluejay just trying to help the local economy; besides, I was a little hungry. in reply to IndianaBluejay #
  • @IndianaBluejay that’s what the package said. in reply to IndianaBluejay #
  • Looking for slim jims? A guy is selling them on the street corner of 6 & Broadway. #
  • @iamfiction I’m driving West of Broadway. More interesting view of the community. in reply to iamfiction #
  • @vldurkin sounds like more stuff for Jai to collect. Hope you have a lot treasures. haha in reply to vldurkin #
  • It’s been a long time since I’ve had to drive the scenic route on 6 thru Gary. Interesting stuff. #
  • @saan1911 if you can make it Thursday morning, why not. Make sure to bring some laughs though. #
  • All you last minute home buyers, stars are aligning just for you as mortgage rates improve for last day of $8,000 tax credit. #fb #li #
  • @vldurkin just thought you would want to know, I’ve got all your geocache treasures from Dogwood Park hostage. (insert sinister laugh here) in reply to vldurkin #
  • @iamfiction I can only imagine how many zines to come with all that pent up prose from the past decade. BTW: free latte for you next Thurs. in reply to iamfiction #
  • Homebuyer Tax Credit Ends, But Other Incentives Emerge – CNBC http://ow.ly/1FfBY (What kind of incentives are in your market?) #
  • @catjmat not me. The only bars I pass are the ones that serve beer, not justice. in reply to catjmat #
  • Foreclosure map: See the worst hit metro areas – Apr. 29, 2010 http://ow.ly/1Ffyf (Where does your metro area rank?) #
  • House Bill Would Allow Those Facing Foreclosure to Stay on as Renters http://ow.ly/1FfiO (Can’t afford payment, how they going to pay rent?) #
  • Power Lunch with my good friend Twila Kaye. Don’t know her? You should. (@ Theo’s Steaks & Seafood) http://4sq.com/bVfL5l #
  • RT @buckleyca: Just found out I PASSED THE #INDIANA BAR!!!!! #nwindiana #nwi (Was there ever a doubt I guess your legal now. #
  • @chasREexpert That’s saying a lot for a new mommy. Congratulations and keep it up! in reply to chasREexpert #
  • RT @KCMcrew: Tax Credit Still Available for Troops! http://bit.ly/cYwkGH (One more year for upto $8,000 and 100% VA Financing!) #
  • Time to kick it up a notch with a little caffeine. (@ Dunkin’ Donuts) http://4sq.com/cCqjuD #
  • Good morning all. #followfriday @evelynbaycoffee @natfinn @vldurkin @iamfiction @fanbrew @uptowncafevalpo @emc440 @valpovelvet @ripsup #ff #
  • @AndreaRealtor You’re not lost. You simply don’t know where you’re suppose to be. Maybe it’s your destiny to be exactly where you are at. in reply to AndreaRealtor #
  • @chikquintans I occasionally get a call for USDA loans; unfortunately, 99.9% of my immediate market does not qualify based on zip codes. in reply to chikquintans #
  • RT @mortgageporter: RT @chikquintans: House Passes Bill to Extend USDA’s Rural Home Loan Guarantee Program | NCSHA http://ow.ly/1EEap #
  • No “frenzy” to beat tax credit deadline – CNNMoney http://ht.ly/1ES0W (What do Realtors think?) #
  • @mommyinstincts Jai is almost 5 and he still does that. My nephew is 27 and still does it. My uncle at 70+ still does that. Get use to it. in reply to mommyinstincts #
  • Avoid lease-option snafus in home sale | Inman News http://ht.ly/1ER9j (Good or bad market, worthy tips) #
  • California Releases $699m Hardest Hit Fund Proposal « HousingWire http://ow.ly/1ELOv (Why only 5 states when whole nation is paying?) #
  • Check out this homemade yumminess by @valpovelvet ‘s mom. Come get some while it lasts! http://twitpic.com/1jfc6w #
  • Did you know you get free wi-fi with every scoop courtesy of @valpovelvet (@ Valpo Velvet Shoppe) http://4sq.com/aCFk6N #
  • Stop on by @UptownCafeValpo right now as @natfinn @fulcrum51 @rginvalpo are all in the house. #
  • @LipCharmer aren’t you a little young to be attending a SENIORS dance? haha in reply to LipCharmer #
  • Does @lipcharmer want to partake in a No. 7 avec moi? (@ Uptown Cafe) http://4sq.com/5jRYFM #
  • Packed house this morning for ROI Networking. Care to join? (@ Regional Federal Credit Union) http://4sq.com/9Gx3Gc #
  • Good morning all. This is your wake up call. Time to take the bull by the horns and make it happen. Go! Go! Go! #fb #li #
  • Just wrapped up another FHA home loan application with a 1st time home buyer who is excited about their $8,000 tax credit. Go FHA! #
  • @dianeaaron I know several. Give me a buzz at my office. 219-926-1600 #
  • Realtors: Do you remember the phrase “Time Is of the Essence”? They must have been talking about right now. How can I help you? #fb #li #
  • @Chris_Hedges Try not to read anything legal into the following statement. Happy Birthday! #
  • Taking a few minutes to reflect and to get focused for another action packed day. How about you? (@ Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve) #
  • Not only is it hump day, but it also a day of celebration for @emc440 and @coachlee. Happy Birthday to the both of you! #
  • Enjoying a Hawaiian Kaui on this gorgeous morning. Care to join me @lipcharmer? (@ Evelyn Bay Coffee) http://4sq.com/5y3J9G #
  • Good morning all. The brightness of the day is beckoning me to get out and make it happen. What’s your morning telling you? #fb #li #
  • Leaving my last homebuyer appointment for the day. When I say I’m working OT this week, I meant it. Call me if I can help you. #fb #li #
  • Quick pit stop before heading to a client’s home to sign FHA loan application. (@ Wendys) http://4sq.com/coMJXf #
  • Think and Grow Rich is a mind set. Do you have it? (@ Napolean Hill World Learning Center) http://4sq.com/9ub35c #
  • @HomePartner You can be “Bat Girl” while you zoom around the Windy City finding homes. FYI: Don’t use the bat light as I have slanted eyes. in reply to HomePartner #
  • If you’re still trying to sell your home, get serious and be negotiable. Tax credit expires on Friday. The Time to Sell is NOW! #
  • Just getting a breather from FHA home loan paperwork for clients who are taking advantage of $8,000 tax credit deadline. How can I help you? #
  • @HomePartner I’ve got my “bat phone” on & I’m ready to help with any last minute FHA home loan preapprovals for Friday’s deadline. in reply to HomePartner #
  • Good morning all. It’s going to be another fast paced day, so stayed focused. Make it a great one! #fb #li #
  • Attention All Shoppers, All Home Shoppers…5 Days Left on Tax Credit! Contact me for a FREE FHA Home Loan Approval now! #
  • It’s Impossible to Judge Housing Now – CNBC http://ow.ly/1DjwQ (Ouch! New home sales are near 1982 lows.) #
  • Homeownership Falls Further – Economix Blog – NYTimes.com http://ow.ly/1DjqP (Another blow to housing industry) #
  • RT @KCMcrew The Price Is the Same, It Just Costs Less http://bit.ly/9iAglw (You read that right!) #
  • Just received a call that I won a door prize from attending the Portage Chamber Night last Thursday. Woohoo! #
  • MMG Weekly: Grecian Formula for Recovery Includes Some Whopping Numbers http://ow.ly/1D5Qf #
  • Shopping for a home? Did you know that you have until FRIDAY to have an accepted contract. Contact me for your FHA loan approval today! #
  • Sushi! Sushi! Sushi! (@ Uptown Cafe) http://4sq.com/5jRYFM #
  • @vldurkin here you again. Thanks to my personal geotagger for the follow Saturday shout outs on @foursquare. in reply to vldurkin #
  • @vldurkin what term of affection should I use for someone who follows me around where ever I go? hehe in reply to vldurkin #
  • @vldurkin I’m full of surprises thanks to Jai. How’s my favorite @foursquare stalker today? in reply to vldurkin #
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